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Crazy Horse Canoe Rental
Located on the Buffalo River in
Waynesboro, Tennessee

Because the Buffalo River is spring fed, it maintains a good water level even during the driest months. During our ownership of 25 years we have NEVER had to close due to drought conditions

 NOTICE: IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BOAT- we will transport your boat for a fee, but we DO NOT and WILL NOT provide paddles, jackets, or any other form of equipment. Shuttle fee covers transportation only. Rates are subject to change & may vary depending on type of boat, amount of gear, etc. Crazy Horse reserves the right to refuse shuttle service.


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Canoe Rental Rates

Use the chart below to determine our rates for yourself or your group.  Reservations are  HIGHLY recommended on weekends and holidays. We also recommend making reservations at least two weeks in advance on holidays. A credit card is NOT required to reserve canoes. We only need to know your name, how many canoes you need, what time you will arrive for your canoes, and what trip you think you will be taking.  We cannot and will not hold anything past 10am. After 10am rentals are done on a first come first serve basis. Canoes are rented April-September 7 days a week and weekends in October. If you need special accommodations before and after the season just give us a call. We open at 7am on Saturdays and 8am all other days. If you need more information we would be happy to  assist you. You can call us toll free at 1-800-722-5213 8am-5pm. Our phone lines are also directed to our personal phone, so please be courteous and call after hours for emergencies only




Canoe Trip Approximate Hours Miles 1 - 9 canoes 10 - 24 canoes 25+ canoes Kayaks
Topsy Bridge to Crazy Horse 4 Hours 8 $35.00 $33.00 $32.00 $25.00
Crazy Horse to Slink Shoals (Blue Rock) 5 Hours 10 $35.00 $33.00 $32.00 $25.00
Trace Creek to Crazy Horse 7 Hours 16 $39.00 $37.00 $36.00 $29.00
Texas Bottom to Crazy Horse 2 Days (overnight) 21 $55.00 $53.00 $52.00 $42.00


Indicated prices include two (2) adults per canoe. There is an ADDITIONAL $5 charge for a third adult. Children 12 and under may ride in the middle of a canoe at no extra charge.

Overnight trips: If you wish to extend your trip beyond 2 days, it will be an additional charge of $20/canoe/day (for the same trip). If it is requested that we shuttle you an additional time, the price will be per quote.

All prices include tax, paddles, lifejackets, transportation, and equipment insurance (excludes private shuttles)

Church Groups who are Tennessee tax exempt and other Tennessee Tax Exempt Organizations - Call for discount pricing.

Due to variable fuel prices, rates are subject to change.

We accept Visa & MasterCard but cash is MUCH quicker. We have 2 cash lines and only 1 for cards. If even one person in your group is paying with a card, the entire group must pay in the card line because the entire group has to stay in line together. ATM onsite

Although pets are still welcome on float trips, for safety and comfort of everyone pets will only be transported per our approval. If you have an animal, you are required to inform us at the time you rent your canoe. No large dogs (example- Pit Bulls, Boxers, etc) or animals. If you bring your dog without approval on a float trip you may be asked to provide your own transportation for it.




           Canoes on Buffalo River at Crazy Horse Canoe Rental






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Give us a call Toll Free at (800) 722-5213

Located on the scenic Buffalo River in Wayne County at Bell Bridge
2505 Waynesboro Hwy   Waynesboro, TN 38485


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